Why Doctor House Calls Are Good for Elderly Patients


Several reasons exist justifying why you should consider asking a doctor to make house calls in order to attend to your elderly family member. This article discusses some of the key reasons why such visits would be beneficial to that patient.

Lower Mobility Risks

Elderly people usually suffer from reduced mobility. It can therefore be very risky for them to leave the home in order to go to the doctor's office for medical attention. The condition that they are suffering from, such as heart disease, can make it harder for them to move easily. Consequently, the patient may fall or hurt themselves as they move. A house call can prevent all those risks from happening.

Reduced Chances of Secondary Infections

Elderly patients also have weak immune systems. Going to a doctor's office where other patients are waiting to see the doctor can expose those elderly patients to the risk of picking up any infections that the other patients have. Your elderly family member will be safeguarded from such infections in case the doctor sees him or her at home during a house call.

Detection of Untested Remedies

Elderly patients are also more likely to try various home remedies that are said to help those suffering from the conditions that a particular senior citizen may be having. Such untested remedies may lull the patient into thinking that he or she doesn't have to see a doctor since the home remedy will address his or her needs. House calls give doctors a chance to discover any home remedies that a patient may be taking. For instance, the doctor may see the patient being given a vegetable juice cocktail that is said to alleviate a given disease. The doctor can advise the patient to stop taking those remedies that may have adverse effects on the health of the individual. Patients who visit the doctor's office can continue using that potentially harmful folk remedy if they don't tell the doctor about it.

Prolonged Stay At Home

Your elderly family member can also be able to stay at home for much longer if he or she is attended to during house calls by doctors. Elderly patients who have to go to see a doctor usually end up being referred to a nursing home. Staying at home longer allows that person to enjoy the support and care of his or her family members in an environment that he or she has been used to.

As you can see, home doctor services offer numerous benefits to elderly patients. Do some research in your area and find a doctor who is willing to make house calls. Your elderly family member will then enjoy the benefits above.


22 January 2018

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